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InvoiceFirewall has made invoice processing faster and accuracy better. The used time per invoice has been halved and the resources in manual handling have been optimized. Every month, the solution sends 4,000 emails to subcontractors, saving us a lot of manual work.

DEAS is Denmark's leading property management company and manages a property portfolio of more than 2,200 commercial and residential properties. Every year, DEAS receives 200,000 invoices from subcontractors. 5 months after implementation, it had succeeded in automating 75% of invoice handling.

Sebastian Rostrup Stilling

Porject manager, DEAS

"We have reduced manual errors and gained a much better overview of the invoice processing - I am absolutely sure that the investment will be a good business case. We have only good things to say about efacto. They have a high level of competence and have been really good at understanding and meeting our needs.

Kemp & Lauritzen's professional competencies and innovative approach create green solutions, secure infrastructure and competitive companies. We ensure quality, stability and efficiency and manage the project from start to finish.

Michael Schmidt

IT-Manager Kemp & Lauritzen

We have good experience with InvoiceFirewall. We get better quality of what comes in from invoices, good documentation about invoice flow, and last but not least: all the time we save. We get to use more of our expertise and we work more productive.

Wenche Aarvold

Billing advisor, Bergen Kommune

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Convert your regular invoice to e-invoice, without doing anything other than sending it to us



Efficient and secure invoice management directly from your financial system - it's smart automation.



InvoiceFirewall automates the processing of supplier invoices and reduces handling time and unnecessary expenses.

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We founded efacto in 1999 to free companies from time-consuming manual invoice processing. We specialize in the automation of all processes related to invoice processing. We make everyday life easier, the employees are more productive and the entire bookkeeping is more efficient.