E-invoices directly from your financial system

Send and receive e-invoices directly in your financial system.

Choose how you want to connect and a data format that suits. No manual processes – smart automation.

Integration with all financial systems from SAP & Dynamics to industry solutions

Data transfer via SFTP, Rest API or efacto client is included

Flexible data format: PEPPOL, XML, CSV or EDIFACT

Log in with an overview of all sent and received invoices

Find your price

How many e-invoices do you need to send and receive in one year?


The price is based on billing for 12 months


What do others say about efacto?

InvoiceFirewall has made invoice processing faster and the accuracy of meetings greater. The turnaround time per invoice has been halved and the resources in the manual handling have been optimized. Every month, the solution sends 4,000 emails to subcontractors, saving us a lot of manual work.

DEAS is Denmark's leading property management company and manages a property portfolio of more than 2,200 commercial and residential properties. Every year, DEAS receives 200,000 invoices from subcontractors. 5 months after implementation, it had succeeded in automating 75% of invoice handling.

Sebastian Rostrup Stilling

Head of IT Development, DEAS

We have reduced manual errors and gained a much better overview of the invoice processing - I am absolutely sure that the investment will be a good business case. We have only good things to say about efacto. They have a high level of competence and have been really good at understanding and meeting our needs.

Kemp & Lauritzen's professional competencies and innovative approach create green solutions, secure infrastructure and competitive companies. We ensure quality, stability and efficiency and manage the project from start to finish.

Michael Schmidt

IT-Manager Kemp & Lauritzen

efacto understood our requirements and desires and they do things in a simple way, both with regards to systems and communication. Customer care is top notch, which makes you feel in safe hands. That is why I give efacto my best recommendation.

JP / Politikens Hus is one of Denmark's leading media companies and is behind a large number of news media, publishers, weekly newspapers and niche media.

Stefan Jensen

Group Controller, JP| Politikens Hus

We have good experience with InvoiceFirewall. We get better quality of what comes in from invoices, good documentation about invoice flow, and last but not least: all the time we save. We get to use more of our expertise and we work more productively. "

Wenche Aarvold

Billing advisor, Bergen Kommune

5.000+ Kunden, 20 Jahre Erfahrung

Select integration method

a) Download and install the efacto client. The client sends the files that you have exported out from your financial system.
b) Select SFTP account. Best if you can already exchange files via SFTP and do not need new software.
c) REST API. If you want to communicate directly from your financial system.

Select Data format

a) E-invoice format. If your financial system can export data in PeppolBis format.
b) CSV. If your financial system cannot read data in standard e-invoice formats. You can access an accurate user guide online and a test tool to check that all necessary data is included.


Now you can send the invoice. Our fully automated software checks data and forwards the invoice to your customer in the agreed format, for example through our certified PEPPOL access point.

Two-way ERP integration

ERPintegrator can also be used to receive invoices.
We convert all data so you will only need to import one format.


Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a 14-days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or our service, log in, click on subscription and cancel the subscription. Feel free to write a reason for your termination so we can learn some of your feedback. If you cancel within the deadline, you will receive a credit note and can disregard the submitted invoice from us.


Frequently Asked Questions about ERPintegrator

What is ERPintegrator

ERPintegrator is a complete solution that automates manual invoice management. As soon as the solution is integrated with your financial system, it secures the entire process from sender to recipient and ensures that your invoices are converted to exactly the format your customers want, and that you have a guarantee that the invoice has been delivered correctly.

How many invoices can I send?

If you send more invoices than your subscription covers, it will be renewed automatically. There are no limits to how many invoices you can send.

Do I need to install new software?

You can choose for yourself. Client is a program you need to install. Client sends and receives e-invoices directly from your own PC or server. It requires nothing more than an internet connection

Do I need a specific financial system?

No, the solution works with all ERP and financial systems.

Do you assist with integration?

Yes. The integration is completely uncomplicated. If you need help, we are available.

Can I get dedicated support?

Yes. Free personal support is included with an integration solution. Our skilled consultants are ready with advice and guidance.

What if the invoice is not filled in properly?

Then you will be notified immediately per. e-mail. We describe what information is missing, so you can easily add it and send the invoice to us again.

How do I know that the invoice has been delivered to the recipient?

You get a personal user account, so you can always log in and follow the status of each invoice.

Can all invoices be converted to XRechnung, EHF and PEPPOL BIS 3.0 etc?

Yes. We convert all kinds of invoices in all kinds of formats and send to all countries. In some cases, this will require a consultant to set up a conversion, which you will have to pay for.

Can I send invoices to and from abroad?

Yes. All invoices sent through our platform meet many international standards so that you can trade easily and securely across borders.

What if i regret my purchase?

You have a 14-day right of return, regardless of which option you choose. If you have started your subscription but only sent one invoice, you can cancel it within one month.

How long am I tied to the subscription?

If you choose integration, you pay for a fixed period. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can always send us an email. Then we will end your subscription at the end of the period for which you paid.

What happens if an invoice contains errors?

If an invoice is not filled out correctly, you will be notified immediately by email. We describe the error so that you can correct it quickly and send the invoice again.

Does the solution meet the requirements of the authorities?

Yes. efacto is a certified EU PEPPOL access point and offers solutions that cover all requirements for electronic billing. These include PEPPOL for international trade, e.g. XRechnung and ZUGFeRD in Germany, OIOUBL in Denmark, EHF in Norway etc.

Do you have other questions?

Send your questions to We will answer you directly and as soon as possible.


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