Put your invoices on autopilot

InvoiceFirewall is best practice in modern digital creditor accounting. The most trivial routine tasks are automated and suppliers are helped to invoice correctly – and 100% electronically.


What do others say about efacto?

InvoiceFirewall has made invoice processing faster and the improved the accuracy. The turnaround time per invoice has been halved and the resource allocation reduced. Every month, the solution sends 4,000 emails to subcontractors, saving us a lot of manual work.

DEAS is Denmark's leading property management company and manages a property portfolio of more than 2,200 commercial and residential properties. Every year, DEAS receives 200,000 invoices from subcontractors. 5 months after implementation, it had succeeded in automating 75% of invoice handling.

Sebastian Rostrup Stilling

Head of IT development, DEAS

We have reduced manual errors and gained a much better overview of the invoice processing. For this investment we have a strong business case. We have only good things to say about efacto. They have a high level of competence and have been really good at understanding and meeting our needs.

Kemp & Lauritzen's professional competencies and innovative approach create green solutions, secure infrastructure and competitive companies. We ensure quality, stability and efficiency and manage the project from start to finish.

Michael Schmidt

IT Manager, Kemp & Lauritzen

efacto understood our requirements and desires and they do things in a simple way, both with regards to systems and communication. Customer care is top notch, which makes you feel in safe hands. That is why I give efacto my best recommendation.

JP / Politikens Hus is one of Denmark's leading media companies and is behind a large number of news media, publishers, weekly newspapers and niche media.Wochenzeitungen und Nischenmedien

Stefan Jensen

JP| Politikens Hus

5,000+ customers, 20 years of experience

Invoice firewall

How does it work?

The robot in InvoiceFirewall takes over the most time-consuming and trivial routine tasks in your creditor accounting and at the same time helps your suppliers to invoice you correctly – and completely digitally. Read below to learn more.

Automatic screening and error correction
InvoiceFirewall is located between your suppliers and your financial system. When a supplier sends you an e-invoice, InvoiceFirewall checks that all the necessary information has been filled in correctly. Some invoices with errors or omissions are automatically corrected by the robot. Other invoices InvoiceFirewall automatically sends the invoice back to the supplier with instructions on what to correct. The supplier corrects the submitted invoice directly in InvoiceFirewall and thus avoids sending a credit note and a new invoice. It is good service and happens completely automatically.

When the invoice is 100% correct, it is released for further processing in your workflow or financial system. No more hassle with incomplete invoices that no one will know by. It is you who decides the rules, and you can make individual rules on the individual supplier, if there are special considerations.

In this way, InvoiceFirewall ensures the best handling of incoming invoices – also from the point of view of your suppliers.

Automatic transition to e-invoicing
If all your suppliers are already sending you e-invoices, then you are already on target. However, many companies have a number of suppliers who still send invoices per email or letter mail.

Therefore, InvoiceFirewall is equipped with a robot that monitors which suppliers do not yet send e-invoices and receives information from efacto’s supplier network about whether the individual supplier is able to send e-invoices. At regular intervals, the supplier automatically receives an e-mail with an invitation to send e-invoices in the future. Automation and communication are defined by you, so you have control over, for example, whether some suppliers should still be allowed to invoice you in the traditional way.

With InvoiceFirewall, you also get a login with access to all purchasing data in a fixed and structured format, which will take months to pull out if you have to do document by document.

Does that sound too good to be true? Then read the customer cases on this page about how InvoiceFirewall saves time and creates an overview for other companies.

If you have any questions, you may have the answer in the FAQ at the bottom of the page. But you are of course also very welcome to get in touch via the chat or book an online demo.

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Avoid extra work in your workflows

InvoiceFirewall reviews the invoice before it sends it to your invoice workflow. Our autofix robot fixes all known errors. In the event of missing details, the invoice is sent back to the supplier, who can correct errors without sending a credit note and a new invoice. No invoices with invalid/missing data enter your erp systems.

Fewer errors and less wasted time

InvoiceFirewall loads approved vendors from your ERP system every night. Only approved vendors that meet all of your invoice content requirements will pass through the firewall. Fraudulent invoices or incomplete invoices are stopped before entering your ERP-system.

Networking effect across customers

You get access to our complete database of suppliers who already invoice electronically today. The database contains thousands of suppliers and is growing day by day. Whenever one of our customers suppliers converts to e-invoicing, all of our customers benefit.

Automated and segmented dialogue

Built-in automatic communication. InvoiceFirewall can communicate with all the suppliers who do not yet invoice electronically and influence them directly per. mail in real time. You control the broadcast rules and the messages to the different segments.

From scanned paper to operational data

In addition to saving money by having far fewer invoices to OCR process, you also get the opportunity to extract purchasing data from your vendor accounting via InvoiceFirewall's export module. It offers some brand new opportunities for new insights on the purchasing side of your business.

What can we save?

Give us a few details and we will calculate your potential savings based on standard figures from our existing customers.

Number of annual incoming invoices
Percentage of this is e-invoice

Your potential savings EUR:
(Note: The price is based on 12 month invoicing)


How to get started?
The first step is a arranging meeting, where InvoiceFirewall is demonstrated and you can assess how the solution matches your needs.

Do you have more questions before you are ready for a meeting?
Chat with us here on the site or send us a question per. mail.


Did you know that?

InvoiceFirewall can increase processing from
0 to 0 invoices per hour?
"There are typically errors or omissions in
0% of all incoming invoices?
It takes average

0 Min. to correct a simple mistake?

Frequently asked questions about InvoiceFirewall

Who is efacto?

efacto is a Scandinavian company founded in 1999. We were among the first providers of solutions for automatic invoice management, and our software is the most proven and well-documented on the market.

What is InvoiceFirewall

InvoiceFirewall is a complement to workflow systems that ensure 100% automatic accounting on creditor invoices

Does InvoiceFirewall work on smartphone and tablet?

Yes you have access from all devices with internet connection

Do I need to install new software to use InvoiceFirewall

No. InvoiceFirewall is cloud-based and requires nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser

Do you help with integration?

Yes, integration is included in the price of an InvoiceFirewall. We make sure to get you off to a good start, and our consultants are always available.

Do you offer free support?

Yes. When you invest in an InvoiceFirewall, you get free access to personal support

How much does InvoiceFirewall cost?

InvoiceFirewall must be tailored to your specific business. Therefore, the price varies according to the specific needs and requirements the solution must meet to ensure maximum value for money.

How fast can InvoiceFirewall be up and running?

The integration of InvoiceFirewall typically takes one to two business days in the IT department, and as soon as just one of your suppliers sends you an electronic invoice, you are up and running.

How do I know if my suppliers can send electronic invoices?

We offer a free analysis of which of your suppliers and resellers can send e-invoices

Do you have other questions?
Send your questions to We will answer you directly and as soon as possible.


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